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Horses are so many things to us.

They are our friends and family. They are athletes. They are our escape, our necessity. They feed our need for adventure and soothe our souls. For some, horses are the reason they get up every morning.

Horses give humans so much, it is our responsibility to provide them with the best possible care. Our goal is to work with you to enhance the well-being of your horse.


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Why does my horse need bodywork?


The equine body is a beautiful and complex system capable of breathtaking feats of athleticism, power, and stamina. In order to perform at its peak, the body is in an ongoing process of healing – repairing damaged cells, building muscle, and expelling toxins. However, sometimes the body can get “stuck” in the healing process as a result of injury, stress, illness, or even major growth spurts in young horses. Examples of this may present as chronic low-level lameness, pain and inflammation, adopted postures, mobility limitations, or behavioural changes. Equi-Bow can assist by resetting the broken feedback loop so the body can function efficiently once again.


What is Equi-Bow?

Equi-Bow is a gentle, non-invasive equine bodywork technique that empowers the body to enter into a restorative state. In this state of “rest and digest” the body can heal itself and process learning experiences. This dynamic modality incorporates techniques from many schools of thought including Bowen, CranioSacral, Feldenkrais, myofascial release, acupuncture, and more. Equi-Bow takes a holistic approach to bodywork by accessing the nervous system through the horse’s vast fascial network, which encompasses the entire body from head to tail to hoof. Fascia is responsible for maintaining the body’s structural integrity, provides support and protection, and acts as a shock absorber. It also provides the medium for inter-cellular communication.

Practitioners use gentle “rolling” moves at precise anatomical locations to send signals from the body to the brain, allowing the horse to take what it needs to reset the healing process. Each session is directed by the horse, allowing it to integrate this new information at its own pace, on its own terms. Results are often presented as muscle relaxation, improved posture, calmness, and an overall happier, healthier horse.

How does Equi-Bow technique work?

The Equi-Bow technique gently builds up a piezoelectric charge in the soft-tissue, which is followed by a “rolling” move that sends messages to the horse’s nervous system, interrupting and resetting the neurological feedback loop of physiological dysfunction. These dysfunctions may present themselves as poor posture, misalignments, pain, inflammation, or chronic/recurring lamenesses. The Equi-Bow technique kickstarts a neuromuscular repatterining – a resetting of the feedback loop – shifting the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest). 

In this parasympathetic state the body can conserve energy, using nutrients to process information and undergo cellular repair. This is when neuromuscular repatterining can occur, which affects the horse’s proprioception (body awareness) and way of going.

What happens during an Equi-Bow session?


Each session begins with an assessment based on the horse’s physical presentation, way of going, and information from the owner. The first session starts with a Basic Body Balance, which addresses some of the major muscle groups and lays the foundation for future work. The practitioner will make a series of moves, followed by a pause to allow the horse time to integrate the work. The horse will show clear, clinical signs that the messages are being received by the nervous system. These may include closed eyes, droopy lips, quivering muzzles, muscle fasciculation, sweating, licking, chewing, yawning, exhaling, snorting, and even stretching. Once the horse shows it has processed the work, the practitioner will continue with the next series of moves. 

The messages begin to integrate instantaneously, sometimes resulting in the benefits of Equi-Bow being seen immediately. However, the body can continue to process the work for up to a week after the session. For this reason, it is suggested that the horse be given 24-48 hours off of strenuous training post-session. It is also advised to book any other bodywork (vet visits, chiropractic, farrier, etc.) at least one week after the session.

How can Equi-Bow help?

Equi-Bow technique has been shown to have positive affects on a wide variety of equine issues. Some of these include postural imbalances, lymphatic drainage, muscular asymmetry, respiratory and digestive issues, sacroiliac problems, gait abnormalities, allergies, colic, laminitis, club foot, stifle, hock and knee restrictions, behavioural issues, TMJ syndrome, nervousness, and much more.

Many owners also report a positive change in their relationship with their horse, both on the ground and in training. Many say their horses seem happier to see them, show more affection, are more willing to work, and feel a stronger bond between them.

Ultimately, the aim of Equi-Bow is to support your horse’s ability to function efficiently, perform at its highest potential, prevent injuries, and maintain a balanced body and mind. 




Single Session: $80

Three Session Package: $75 per session | $225 total
(To be used within eight weeks of purchase date.)

Each session lasts 45-90 minutes and begins with an assessment.


Travel rates are dependant upon your horse’s location and will be divided among all clients in the barn or area. The first 30 minutes of travel are complimentary. Distances beyond 30 minutes will be charged based on a zone structure.


Niagara-on-the-Lake/Hamilton Area: $20
Puslinch/Milton/Oakville: $40
Tillsonburg/Guelph/Halton Hills: $50

*Exact travel fees will be determined upon booking,
but will average between $10-20.


Payment can be made in cash or
e-transfer to info@elevationequine.com 




Elevation Equine practitioners reserve the right to cancel sessions if inclement weather makes travel too dangerous. Cancelled sessions will be rescheduled as quickly as possible. In the event that the client needs to cancel a session we ask for a courtesy period of 48 hours notice. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a session will be subject to a $40 administration fee.



My name is Angela Saieva and I'm 100% addicted to horses. I started this business because horses are my life. They give me drive and purpose. If I go a day without seeing them it feels like it's been a week. Horses have changed my life in ways that still astound me. The only way I feel I can thank them is to become the best horse person I can be. To always ask questions and never stop learning. To be patient and open-minded. To be aware of what they are telling me and to put their needs before my wants.

After years of owning and working with horses I have come to accept that no matter how hard we try to protect them, horses will get hurt, get sick, find trouble, make trouble; it's inevitable. They are living creatures with their own ideas and we cannot control every circumstance surrounding them. We must do our best to keep them happy and healthy, but we must also be prepared to deal with issues as they arise. There is no perfect formula for horse care. We take each horse as they are and work with them with the goal of elevating their potential, performance, and overall well-being.

I am a Certified Equi-Bow Practitioner and a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. I am also an Equi-Tape Student Practitioner well on my way to graduation. I am a firm believer in constant education so I am always taking new courses, reading books and articles, watching videos, attending clinics, taking lessons and doing anything and everything I can to help me become a better horse professional, rider and owner. 

Sunkist, my beautiful palomino Thoroughbred mare.

Sunkist, my beautiful palomino Thoroughbred mare.

Rio Pony, the little Paint mare who changed it all for me. 

Rio Pony, the little Paint mare who changed it all for me. 

My teachers

Meet my lovely little herd of misfits!

Miss Dido is the first horse I ever owned and will stay with me until the end. She and I have been through a lot together; including our fair share of rocky roads, but we have also made some amazing memories. She's the reason I decided to truly dedicate myself to horses. She sent me down the path of equine bodywork and always encourages me to think outside the box. She has been my source of confidence in more ways than I thought possible and constantly reminds me to be patient. She's my family through and through. 

Ah, Sunkist (aka Kisses, Sunkisses, Sunshine Girl, and Princess Pony). Kisses is my main partner in crime. This mare has taught me so much about being a rider and horsewoman. She tolerates my mistakes and still cares enough about me to stand by my side and nuzzle my head when I hit the dirt. She's just a sweet, lovely mare and I have grown so much through our partnership. It's true what they say: blondes definitely do have more fun! She and I have had some awesome adventures together and I look forward to many more years of fun with her.

Arts Inspiration, better known as Indy, is my love. Of course I love all my horses, but there's just something about him that makes me so happy. I smile every time I see him. He was my first foal and he's just been an absolute pleasure to be around. He's said yes to everything I've ever asked of him. He's smart, independent, and super chill. He's a rockstar; you're coolness factor spikes just from being near him. I don't even really think about our future together because I'm already having a blast! I do have a direction I hope will suit him, but whatever he wants to be when he grows up is just fine by me. No matter what, I'm down for the ride.

Phantom of the Arts is my prophecy baby. What the heck does that mean? Well, two years before he was born I was sitting in my office and I thought: "One day a baby is going to be born with a mask on his face. That one is going to be mine and I'm going to name him Phantom." (I'm a massive fan of The Phantom of the Opera, in case it wasn't obvious.) So I wrote the names "Phantom of the Arts" and "Phantom Twist" on my whiteboard (because I knew the sire would either be Arts Aero or Simba Twist of Blazing Colours Farm), and I let my boyfriend know that when that baby was born we'd be adding him or her to the family. On the morning of May 5, 2016 I awoke to a picture of a foal with a mask over his right eye and I knew he was the one I was waiting for. (Although he came a lot sooner than I'd expected!) He's the complete package: flashy looks, sporty conformation, athletic movement, smart and curious, and the sweetest little snuggle monster. I'm incredibly excited about our future together!

VIPs (Very Important Ponies)

Rio is such a gem of a horse. It would take me days to write all of the ways she helped me during our years together. I bought her coming off of a lease with a horse who was not a good match for me. I had lost all my confidence on the ground and in the saddle and waited much too long before admitting I needed out. Rio gave me all my confidence back and gave me the courage to become much more than I thought I could be. I experienced so many firsts with her, including jumping my first fence, hacking out alone, riding in the ocean, administering medications, how to fit a saddle, teaching riding lessons, riding bareback and bridleless, and the list goes on. One of the most important things I learned from Rio was when to let go. When I started moving on to bigger fences and more complicated courses, Rio let me know that she wasn't a jumper. But I refused to give her up so to keep her in my life I started teaching lessons to a couple of young girls. Rio was amazing with them, but I knew that was a Bandaid solution. It took me a solid year before coming to terms with finding her a new home. That decision was the best one I'd ever made for Rio. She has a wonderful family where she is incredibly loved and appreciated. She hacks out on endless trails with her best pony friend, Sparrow–the pair are two peas in a pony pod. I've never seen her so happy. And I am so fortunate because every time I visit her I am reassured that she's exactly where she's supposed to be. 

Kodi. Oh man, he is one seriously cool horse! I had the absolute honour of riding him over a summer. I learned more in those months than I could have ever imagined! All the other horses I ride are thankful for all the things he taught me. He found all my flaws, and fast. He also made me feel like a superstar rider when I got things right. I was jumping bigger fences than ever before, learning to be more technical and precise on the flat, appreciating a whole new definition of softness in contact, and gaining the kind of confidence you get from a schoolmaster. Plus the added props I gave myself for a riding a stallion, which is kinda cool all on its own! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to ride Kodi and the experiences he gave me to build upon. He's a very special horse to me.



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